Thanks To Acting Manager Raymond Nargian For Temporary Service, By 3-To-2 Vote, Creating Vacancy For A Professional Village Manager

The Village of Monticello is moving forward. We have roughly two dozen highly qualified applicants vying for the position of professional Village Manager. Some live locally, others do not. Many have Masters degrees or other professional administrative experience in government.

I want to thank Ray Nargizian for holding the seat temporarily while the Board of Trustees gathered applications. At the time he took the position, it was said to be for a period of two months. He has served with no salary for five months. Now that we are preparing to select a Manager, it is in our interest to allow the chosen applicant start with a fresh slate, owing no political favors.

We also owe a "thank you" to those in Village Hall who placed our financials in sufficient order for us to be selected for sizable Federal grants and low-interest loans to renovate our sewer infrastructure which was not possible due to the previous condition of the Village's books and records.

I do what I believe to be in the best interests of my constituents in the Village of Monticello. I owe favors to no one, other than the voters who elected me. My top priority is the financial condition of the Village, ensuring that sound hiring practices and all State and local laws are followed.

My hope is that the Board of Trustees will move quickly, in a united manner, to permanently fill the position with the most qualified applicant. The important thing, however, is that we keep moving, without looking back at the politics of the past.

Full audio recording of meeting of August 12, 2014