Why Does Jefferson Street Need Fixing? Project's Objectives, Per NYS DOT.

Since 2013, the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees has worked with the NYS Department of Transportation to repair and improve the Jefferson Street corridor, the entry to the Village near the racino. The following paragraphs from documents recently forwarded to the Village by DOT officials described the project.

DOT has identified a need to upgrade Jefferson Street. Without sidewalks or useable shoulders, pedestrians need to traverse broken, cracked, and severely deteriorated shoulders that vary in width between 1 ft. and 6 ft. The existing shoulders along Jefferson Street are in poor condition and not well delineated. Additionally, there is poor access control which allows unnecessary conflict points between motorized and non-motorized travel. Within the project corridor there are numerous commercial driveway openings that are non-standard according to the NYS Highway Design Manual (HDM) which have the potential for improvement. Installation of a sidewalk along Jefferson Street will complete a major connection between the Monticello Casino and Raceway and the Monticello Downtown district.

The primary objective of the project is to enhance transportation along the corridor by installing facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians between the Monticello Casino and Raceway and the Monticello Downtown district. The objective of the project will be met through the construction of:

  • Concrete curbing or gutter and a dedicated 5 ft. wide sidewalk with a vegetated snow storagestrip;
  • Raised islands that define driveway openings for access control;
  • Pocket park at the northwest corner of the Jefferson Street and Government Drive intersection has been eliminated. Landscaping at Jefferson Street and Raceway Road has been added (see plans for location);
  • Landscaping, pedestrian, and bicyclist amenities in the form of gateway vegetation, curb islands, pavement striping, buffer between the road and sidewalk, safe separation from vehicles, signage, and traffic calming measures.

Drainage design and construction is not TEP-eligible and the Village will pursue and secure additional funds to complete this work. Drainage work was originally included in the project grant application but cannot be included with this project based on in-place funding limitations. The Village of Monticello will be replacing drainage infrastructure along the north side of Jefferson Street during curb/gutter and sidewalk construction operations. Rather than install a new drainage trunk line along Jefferson Street the Village plans to retain the existing trunk line and just install new drainage structures along the proposed curb/gutter line. The new structures will be connected to the existing structures by stub lengths of pipe. The existing structures (at the conclusion of this project will be behind the proposed sidewalk) will either be left as is or have a new frame and solid cover installed.

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