About Facts & Opinions Expressed On This Website

This is the official website of Carmen Rue, Trustee of the Village of Monticello, New York, hosted at no cost to the taxpayers as a public service, in the best interest of the Village and people of Monticello.

It is not the website of the Village, which can be reached by clicking on the link in the right column.

The mission of this website is to offer easier access to public information, including audio recordings of meetings of the Board of Trustees and selected public documents, as well as my own thoughts on matters of concern. Minutes of law-making bodies, by their nature, are public domain and should be readily available to anyone. Prior to their being hosted on this site, Monticello Village Board minutes were not available on the web. Since they are now routinely archived on the Village's site, I have discontinued copying current minutes here, instead linking to that page. Older minutes (back to 2000), which were previously hosted on this site, are available archive.org until the older files are restored to this site.

For more information, feel free to contact me using the "Contact" link in the right column.

Opinions expressed here reflect Carmen Rue's views and opinions as a local elected official, and as such are protected as "political speech" under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But more importantly, Carmen Rue considers it her duty as a Trustee to serve the interests of the Village by maintaining open communication channels with all Village residents.

Every reasonable effort is made to report fair and accurate accounts of events. Any accidental or erroneous information or important omissions should be brought to the attention of the webmaster, as a show of good faith, if a correction is desired. In the event of a factual dispute, persuasive supporting evidence must be provided.

All statements on this website are made in good faith, in the public interest, involving matters of public concern and public figures in the Village of Monticello.

Editing, writing, site development, server hosting, and other technical assistance for this website are donated by Carmen and her husband. Neither are paid for this public service.

If you disagree with opinions expressed here, you are respectfully encouraged to contact Carmen Rue directly to discuss your perspective. Carmen has a policy of being willing to listen to any point of view on Village matters, as long as their express does not involve dehumanizing hate speech or personal threats.

The public is welcome to address the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees as a whole, either in person during public comment periods, or in writing at the following address:

Board of Trustees
The Village of Monticello
2 Pleasant Street
Monticello, New York 12701

Mail may also be addressed privately to Carmen Rue at PO Box 706, Monticello, New York 12701.

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