Referendum Planned To Disband Monticello's "Manager Form Of Government" In March 2013

The unfortunate circumstances of the most recent firing of Monticello's Village Manager carries echoes of the last 20 years. Monticello has averaged one manager per year during that period, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and benefits with too little payoff.

Some of done a fair job. Some have left much to be desired. None have been directly accountable to the voters, as elected officials are. Monticello has an elected Mayor and four Trustees who together govern the municipality and remain accountable to the people.

Anyone seeking to come to town to grab what might seem like an opportunity for a high-priced plum in our Village should be aware that by so doing, they are risking unemployment as early as next spring.

A campaign has commenced that will gather sufficient signatures to place a question before Monticello's voters on whether to disband "the Village Manager plan" that has troubled our community for decades.

The divisive manager form of government has been a major contributor to what has been described as Monticello's government "dysfunction". We have seen a stream of hirings and firings averaging every 12 months the last 20 years.

Some have advocated taking this further and dissolving the Village of Monticello. Dissolution is a complicated process. I personally do not believe a majority of voters in this Village would support it, to be governed by representatives from Rock Hill, Harris, and anywhere in between. The voices in support of dissolution seem to be mostly be those of outsiders who lack legal standing to do the leg-work or even to possibly vote for dissolution.

But doing away with the unnecessary and overpaid post of manager, I believe, will be carried by a majority of Village voters who are intelligent enough to recognize the position as a wasteful political plum that attracts opportunists.

A decision will be made in March 2013. In the meantime, those elected by Monticello's qualified voters to govern will remain at the helm.

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