Agenda for December 21, 2010 Regular Meeting

Draft of John Barbarite's controversial proposed "Rental Permits" law for multiple residences in Monticello discussed at the November 2nd public hearing, which if passed seeks to circumvent State law.



Board of Trustees
Village of Monticello
December 21st, 2010

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Pledge to the Flag

3. Roll Call

4. Motion to Accept the Agenda

5. Approval of Minutes from the December 7th, 2010 Meeting

6. Mayor’s Report

7. Manager’s Report

8. Resolution Adopting the Budget Transfers, Fiscal Year Ending July 2011

9. Resolution Introducing a Local Law to Abolish Employee Stipends and Setting a Public Hearing

10. Resolution to Approve the Leasing Agreement for the new Village Hall Copy Machine

11. Resolution Adopting the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule MU-1

12. Resolution to Adopt the Proposed Rental Law

13. Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to sign a Agreement with the State for the Restore NY Grant

14. Resolution Authorizing the Extension to the Walmart Sewer Contract

15. Resolution to Adjust the Salary of the Clerk

16. Public Comments(5 Minutes Only)

17. Executive Session- to discuss Labor Contract Negotiations

18. Adjournment