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Monticello Lighting Project Dedication With Congressman Hinchey, Nov. 21, At Rotary Corner

The public is invited to join with officials of the Village of Monticello, County of Sullivan, State of New York, Congressman Maurice Hinchey, and Sullivan Reniasance Foundation at a dedication ceremony celebrating the completion of the MONTICELLO LIGHTING PROJECT.

Graphic design of the invitation and commemorative program by Helen Budrock of Sullivan Reniassance.

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No Politicking By Public Employees On Village Time


DATE: October 14, 2011
TO: All Village Employees
FROM: Carmen Rue, Village Trustee
RE: Political campaigning on Village time

It has come to my attention that one or more Village employee, reportedly with the tacit or active approval and/or participation of top level management, has been spreading false rumors about positions that they claim that elected officials including myself have allegedly taken, most recently concerning a proposal to change from NYSHIP to a self-insurance scheme. Rest assured that I have not expressed support to anyone for this scheme, either in public or in private.

Village Of Monticello 2011 Halloween Parade Slated For Sunday, October 30th, On Broadway

Please click the above image to download an Acrobat file application, print it out, complete it, and return it to Village Hall, to the attention of the Village Manager.

If you have trouble printing, please call Village Hall at 845-794-6130; or drop in at 2 Pleasant Street during regular business hours for a copy.

Monticello Looking For Volunteers To Keep The Good Times Rolling

The Mayor, Village of Monticello Board of Trustees, the Village Manager cordially invite individuals, businesses, Town, County, and State officials, and all their family members and friends, to take part in planning the Village of Monticello’s annual Halloween parade.

Line-up for the Sunday, October 30, 2011 will start at 2:30 PM on Saint John St., hosted and led by the Village Recreation Department in conjunction with local members of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, Sullivan Renaissance, YMCA, Monticello Business Association ,Community Progressive Response (CPR),the Monticello youth programs Dream Tank, and other area groups and individuals.

We are pleased to announce that this year the Halloween parade will be held on the "new" Broadway rain or shine, with as broad-based participation as possible, for an enjoyable, safe, drug- and alcohol-free fun for local youth, and an opportunity for all who live and work in Monticello to take contribute to a memorable evening. All summer long, youth programs also ran at the village’s parks and swimming pool.

The village is also planning a holiday lighting festival to start in December.

Broadway is almost finished. The formal August 21st ribbon-cutting event was a great success, attended by several hundred well-wishers and celebrants. The rain held back for most of the day, which in itself was a good omen! Decorative street lamps similar to those on Pleasant Street will soon be erected, lining Broadway between Village Hall and Jefferson Street. Costs for this work will be contained with the assistance of Delaware Valley Job Corps Center members, supervised by licensed professionals.

Exit 106 is to be moving along slowly but surely, under the auspices of the NYS DOT. Other side streets and the Village hill will shortly be paved as well, by Village workers. The Village Board is exploring residential zoning for Broadway combined with business incentives, coordination with real estate professionals, networking with businesses and governmental entities to identify new ways to connect capital with opportunity, and promote small business resources and partnerships.

Lots of exciting things have happened this past summer, including regular entertainment hosted on the steps of the LH Cooke Sullivan County Court House, and the National Night Out event organized jointly by the Village of Monticello and The Recovery Center – all of which were well attended and well received.

There are more good things coming, but public participation is needed.

To find ways to help keep our community rolling forward, or for more information, call the Village Manager’s office at 845-794-6130, ext. 306.

Public Officials (Including Village Attorneys) Can Not Shroud Wrong Public Acts In Secrecy

Members of legislative bodies, myself included, do not normally discuss in public matters that go on in executive session. However, common sense (which I believe would be upheld by any court of competent jurisdiction) makes clear the curtain of privacy that normally extends around such discussion may not extend to:

  • Unlawful acts, including but not limited to fraud or other criminal behavior;
  • Behaviors that amount to misconduct or abuse; or
  • Matters beyond any topic(s) that are specifically exempted from public discussion in the NYS Open Meetings Law and which were announced in advance to the public as the stated purpose of the executive session.

You Are Invited to the Grand Re-Opening of Broadway and Craft and Farm-Fest, 8/21/2011

THE MAYOR and BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the VILLAGE OF MONTICELLO, Hon. Gordon Jenkins, and Trustees Theodore Hutchins, Carmen Rue, James Matthews, and Victor Marinello invite YOU and your fammily and friends to celebrate the RIBBON CUTTING AND GRAND RE-OPENING OF BROADWAY on August 21, 2011.

The ribbon-cutting will occur at 1:00 PM in front of the Lawrence H. Cooke Sullivan County Court House, follow by a host of family-oriented events until 6:00 PM.

Call Deputy Manager John LiGreci at (8145) 794-6130, ext 306 or Mayor Gordon Jenkins at (845) 794-6130, ext 304 if you need more information.

Collaborating Groups: Sullivan Renaissance, Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, The Recovery Center

Download Documents:

  • Broadway Craft and Farm-Fest Poster
  • Broadway Grand Re-Opening Flier
  • Business Discount Form (for Farm-Fest) [MS Word]
  • Board of Trustees Works Together To Reduce 2011-2012 Budget, Now Nearing 0% Increase

    Several members of the Board of Trustees worked very hard to lower the Manager's proposed 25% increase in taxes to something more in the range of a 1% to 0% increase – or even better.

    The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and I have met every day from last Monday through yesterday, together with Trustee Matthews on a few occasions. We have a final meeting scheduled with the Treasurer tomorrow when we will try to bring the final budget down to a desired level.

    I want to thank the Treasurer, Heather Berg; and also Village Clerk Janine Gandy for working with us to head off Barbarite's proposed massive tax increase.

    Throughout the budget-revision process, the Village Manager absented himself entirely and offered no input whatever – not so much as an e-mail, memo, or a suggestion, all the while continuing to collect a full paycheck. Trustee Marinello, who also missed every one of this year's budget work sessions to date, indicated he might join the rest of the Board of Trustees for the final work session tomorrow.

    Audio recordings of the budget work sessions can be heard here.

    John Barbarite's 'Tentative Budget' Must Be Slashed To Avert His Proposed 25% Tax Increase

    Read three separate Advisory Opinions by the NYS Committee on Open Government concerning the public's right of access to preliminary budgets

    The existing law governing the Village of Monticello says:

    § 45-6 General duties of Village Manager.

    [Added 6-21-1999 by L.L. No. 5-1999]

    The Village Manager shall be the administrative head of the Village government. He shall see that within the Village the laws of the state and ordinances, rules and bylaws of the Board of Trustees are faithfully executed. He shall attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and recommend for adoption such measures as he shall deem expedient. He shall make reports to the Board of Trustees from time to time upon the affairs of the Village; keep the Board of Trustees fully advised of the financial condition of the Village and its future financial needs. He shall prepare and submit to the Board a tentative budget for the next fiscal year.

    Linked here is the 2011-2012 budget submitted by the Barbarite administration. After a member of the public was refused a copy upon calling Village Hall, and being assured by the NYS Comptroller's office that this is public information which can not lawfully be withheld from anyone who asks for a copy, I am making it available as a matter of public interest for free downloading.

    The public is invited to attend meetings of the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees to listen and offer input as we slash this Manager's budget to bring it into line with what individual taxpayers can afford.

    The Village Manager may attempt to pass the buck to others, pointing the finger away from himself, for this unconscionable "tentative" proposed tax hike. To do so would be irresponsible and cowardly.

    Under the Village Code (see above), as a matter of law, the Village Manager is the one and only person responsible for submitting a tentative budget to the Board of Trustees.

    Please attend board meetings and support the message that Barbarite's draft budget is totally unacceptable and can not be allowed to stand.

    I will post my own findings and recommendations for reducing Barbarite's outrageous proposed budget later.

    The Questions Of Our Need For A Village Manager vs. Dissolving The Village Of Monticello

    Responding to my initiative to disband the "village manager plan", as it was called in the 1954 referendum adopting Monticello's present form of government, some have already replied that they would prefer to take this a step furtherby dissolving the Village of Monticello and merging it into the Town of Thompson.


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