Youth Football League Of The New Monticello : Introducing "The Monticello Jaguars"

The following is republished from The Sullivan County Democrat, Friday, 27 August 2010:

Village of Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins, who is standing at far right in the back row, joined the players and coaches from the SCORS Monticello Jaguars youth football teams for a photo during last Friday night’s practice.

SCORS football, cheerleading program off to a great start in Monticello

By Rob Potter

MONTICELLO — There is a new youth football and cheerleading program in the Village of Monticello.

On Aug. 9, dozens of boys and girls began practices for SCORS, which stands for Sullivan County Organized Recreation and Sports. The football team, for kids ages 6 to 12, is known as the Monticello Jaguars. The cheerleading team includes girls between the ages of 6 and 13.

As of last Friday, SCORS had 52 football players and 35 cheerleaders preparing for the inaugural season. While most of the football players are boys, there are a few girls playing on the team.

SCORS President Kelvin Thom noted that there are actually two football teams. The Division I team is for kids in second, third and fourth grades. The Division II team consists of fifth- and sixth-grade students.

The teams will play six games this fall and the opponents will include the Town of Liberty Parks and Recreation Warriors and the Rockland Devil Cats.

“We also want to have a ‘Turkey Bowl’ at the end of October or the beginning of November to start a new tradition,” Thom said.

He is happy with how SCORS is progressing.

“We were hoping to have about 30 kids sign up for the program, but we have had many more come out for the football and cheerleading teams,” Thom said. “We are very pleased with the turnout.”

SCORS is determined not to let financial circumstances prevent kids from joining the program.
“We know there are some kids whose parents might not be able to afford the $40 fee, so we have scholarships to help those kids,” Thom said. “Every child who wants to play will play.”

Thom noted that SCORS has received a great deal of support from the Village of Monticello. The village recently put $7,000 into the SCORS program.

“The village has helped us tremendously and we look forward to working closely with the village officials to provide organized recreational activities for the youth in our community,” Thom said.

The village support comes from Mayor Gordon Jenkins, Trustees T.C. Hutchins, Victor Marinello, Rev. James Matthews and Carmen Rue, Village Manager John Barbarite, Deputy Village Manager John LiGreci and Mike Greco and Pedro Tweed of the Parks and Recreation Department.

“If we can’t spend $7,000 on our children, then there is something wrong,” Jenkins said as he watched the Monticello Jaguars practice on a recent evening at Kenneth H. Somerville Memorial Field. “This is a great program. We have more than 70 kids here and we would love to have 70 more in the program. If we need more money for the program, we will find the money.”
Jenkins noted that with drugs and gangs negatively effecting the village, Monticello needs SCORS and other positive programs for children.

Greco concurred with Jenkins.

“The village wants to offer good programs like this for our kids,” Greco said. “This football program could lead to a basketball program and other sports.
“Programs like this can help restore that Monticello pride in our kids,” he added. “If one of these kids grows up to play football in college and is interviewed on television, when they are asked where they grew up, they can look straight into the camera, smile and say with pride ‘Monticello.’ And when they are asked where they went to high school, they can smile again and say ‘Monticello.’”

In addition to Thom, the SCORS Board includes Vice-President Dennis Desmond, Secretary Cicely McCoy, Treasurer Kelly Carpinone, Commissioner Randy Richards, Football Director Jason Grossman and Cheerleading Director Jen McCoy.

The Football Coaches are Jason Grossman, Mike Ballard, Mike Carpinone and Dennis Desmond.
The Cheerleading Coaches are Cicely McCoy and Jen McCoy.

“The response to the program has been terrific,” Grossman said. “The kids are very enthusiastic. They come to practice every night ready to work hard and have fun. And all of the parents have been very helpful.”

SCORS still welcomes youngsters who want to join its football and cheerleading teams. For more information, please call 820-2582 or send an e-mail to

The kids currently participating in the program include:

Division I Football Team – James Anthony, Kadin Brennan, Semaj Carter, Shameek Clemmons, Xavier Crawford, Austin Dymond, Dylan Hardy, Robert Heyward, Matthew Johannessen, Evan Kunze, Joshua Munoz Jr., Warren Powell, Jivonte Stubbs, Jadin Suarez, Nicco Suarez, John Blinston, Tremper Dymond, Daquann Maxwell, Donnez Moore, Nicholas Moreno, Damorn Rucker, Khallid Sanders, Daquann Staten, Alixander Toro, Marcus Watkins and Jalen Wilson.

Division II Football Team – Kassey Balzano, Brandon Blakney, Anil Budhram, Sunil Budhram, Mike Carpinone, Andre Defreese, Dashawn Defreese, Davon Defreese, Kyle Desmond, Joseph Greco, Tyler Green, Desean Hunter, Emmanuel Idyis, Paul Katz, Leon Martin Jr., Noah Moreno, Jaquan Poole, Khadeem Richards, Darius Rodgers, Na-eelah Shakelford, Najee Shakelford, Deontae Smith, Isiah Thom, Aaron Toro, Devon Willis and Elijah Woodard.

Cheerleading Team – Aleah Balzano, Azariah Bradley, Dhyani Bradley, Pria Budhram, Amaya Burgess, Delyssia Burkes, Adannya Carter, Catalina Conklin, Kelli Conklin, Nasziya Davis, Skyla Desmond, Adelaide Dymond, Iyana Slater-Embrey, Tahyrah Fore, Jocelyn Gray, Jordyn Gonzalez, Alyssa Lamendola, Amber Powell, Katelyn Sanders, Gitana Kotler, Ahliyah Hart, Ileytza Soto-Perez, Jahdeja Richards, Kamiyah Rodgers, Kemaia Rucker, Anisa Sanders, Faith Sanders, Kalaida Sanders, Kalaysha Sanders, Megalee Santiago, Aliyna Toro, Kyaza Turane, Bianca Watkins, Maya Williams and Elana Woodard.