To the Attention of the Board of Trustees and Taxpayers of the Village of Monticello: Memorandum of Mismanagment

The public is invited to attend the August 20, 2013 regular meeting of the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees, commencing at 7:00 PM, at 2 Pleasant Street, Monticello, New York.

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Monticello is an administrative disaster, thanks to our present Acting Village Manager/Mayor Gordon Jenkins, and to Trustees who retain him in a position for which he is unqualified, while he engages in a reckless and intentional plan of economic destruction:

  • Failing to present a 2013-2014 budget for adoption, as required of him as Budget Officer and as Acting Village Manager;
  • Failing to schedule and hold a public hearing concerning the 2013-2014 budget and fee increases;
  • Failing to bring the Treasurer to work hearings held by the Board of Trustees to construct and adopt the 2013-2014 budget;
  • Sabotaging the adoption of the 2013-2014 budget as constructed by the Board of Trustees, in order to wrongfully hold onto the position of Acting Village Manager and thereby enrich himself financially;
  • Failing to send out tax and water bills to property owners by August 1, 2013, recklessly causing financial harm to the Village;
  • Making a secret agreement with the past Treasurer, without board approval, to work part-time at a $30,000 salary, with full benefits, and with no accountability for time and attendance (allowing it to become a no-show job);
  • Failing to obey law of the Village Manager form of government (Article 15-A, adopted by public referendum), in order to enrich himself financially for an undue period, pretending to “act” in that capacity without actual competence to do so;
  • Violating the Village of Monticello Code of Ethics by appointing his paramour and partner of 28 years to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Trustees, to provide personal financial benefit to his own household and to strengthen his controlling influence;
  • Failing to actively search for a competent permanent professional Village Manager, and sabotaging/undermining the interviewing of viable candidates in order to enrich his personal household finances and that of his paramour;
  • Failing to appointed a Village Attorney who resides in Sullivan County, as required by the Village Code and State law, limiting the board's legal advice to a “special counsel” who serves his interests, at great expense to the Village, and allowing the Village’s reserve funds to be drained to divert funds to pay this “special counsel” exorbitant and unjust litigation fees;
  • Failing to attract new businesses or economic development to the Village of Monticello as is required of a Village Manager;
  • Conducting himself in public in an aggressive, belligerent, unprofessional manner, and behaving as such toward taxpayers;
  • Ordering employees to withhold information from an elected official in a manner designed to discriminate based on ethnicity;
  • Divisively pitting elected officials, officers, and employees against each other, for his own interests and gain;
  • Failing to manage the finances of the municipality and to properly account for public funds, while engaging in profligate and wasteful spending to benefit himself and his family and cronies;
  • Failing to apply for State and Federal aid for which the Village is eligible, resulting in significant economic loss;
  • Hiring employees and setting salaries without consulting the Board of Trustees as required by law of the Village Manager;
  • Mismanaging or refusing to engage in union contract negotiations in an effort to enrich his favored “special counsel”;
  • Misinforming the Board of Trustees about expiration dates of vital insurance policies;
  • Failing to research liability insurance policies for the Village, resulting in a wasteful cost of an unnecessary extra $79,000;
  • Failing to make timely payment of workers’ health insurance premiums (many months past due), despite withholding such;
  • Failing to auction delinquent properties as required by law, resulting in lost tax revenues and contributing to a financial crisis;
  • Failing to oversee proper administration of the Building Department, allowing plans on Waverly Avenue to proceed without demarcation of water lines, causing financial harm to the Village and inconvenience and unhealthy conditions for residents;
  • Attempting to coerce the Police Department by unilaterally preventing promotions or hiring needed officers;
  • Holding secret and unauthorized meetings with potential investors without communicating with the Board of Trustees;
  • Failing to communicate with the full Board of Trustees as Acting Village Manager on numerous important official matters.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Rue, Trustee