Board of Trustees Works Together To Reduce 2011-2012 Budget, Now Nearing 0% Increase

Several members of the Board of Trustees worked very hard to lower the Manager's proposed 25% increase in taxes to something more in the range of a 1% to 0% increase – or even better.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and I have met every day from last Monday through yesterday, together with Trustee Matthews on a few occasions. We have a final meeting scheduled with the Treasurer tomorrow when we will try to bring the final budget down to a desired level.

I want to thank the Treasurer, Heather Berg; and also Village Clerk Janine Gandy for working with us to head off Barbarite's proposed massive tax increase.

Throughout the budget-revision process, the Village Manager absented himself entirely and offered no input whatever – not so much as an e-mail, memo, or a suggestion, all the while continuing to collect a full paycheck. Trustee Marinello, who also missed every one of this year's budget work sessions to date, indicated he might join the rest of the Board of Trustees for the final work session tomorrow.

Audio recordings of the budget work sessions can be heard here.