Village Manager Seeks To Curtail Right Of Village Trustees To Information Or Entry To Village Hall


Never in Monticello's 200-year history have members of the municipality's legislative body been so restricted or had their powers curtailed as Village Manager John Barbarite seeks to do with this measure. Singling particular Trustees for exclusion from Village Hall, or requiring that Trustees only obtain information about Village expenditures and projects through him is immoral, unethical, and unlawful.

Chamber of Commerce & Monticello Business Association Plan "Litterpluck" For May 1st

MONTICELLO — The Monticello Business Association, working in with Community Unity and the Village of Monticello, is asking any community groups that would like to participate to get involved in a Litter Pluck May 1 to coincide with the County-wide Litter Pluck Day.

Monticello Board of Trustees April 20th Meeting

Village Board of Trustees meeting are now held on first and third TUESDAYS starting at 7:00 PM.

Download Agenda and Minutes, once they are approved as accurate.


Information presented to the Board of Trustees during public comment by the Village Historian explaining to the Board of Trustees proposing restoration of the Sullivan County Soldiers and Sailors Monument, as outlined in the Village Historian's 2009 annual report, at no cost to the Village. To be placed on the agenda for another meeting soon.


Link to Minutes and audio recordings of Village of Monticello Board of Trustees meetings. For the most recent meeting, click here.

Stop The Mudslinging And Let Us Get On With The Business Of Government

As I have said, the chain of events leading to the arrest of the Mayor of Monticello and his girlfriend for multiple felonies and misdemeanors was a sad day for them and for the Village of Monticello. Mayor Jenkins, like anyone with a pending charge, must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, as the Mayor, Mr. Jenkins is the symbolic figurehead who represents the community and is a role-model to the community's youth - our future. This is sad indeed.

Annual Report of the Village Historian for 2009

The Annual Report by the Village Historian for 2009 has been submitted to the Village Manager, in accordance with New York State Art and Cultural Affairs Law §57.09, which requires of all local historians:

Village of Monticello/YMCA Halloween Parade

First prize

Despite rainy weather, the annual Halloween parade held by the Village of Monticello, co-sponsored by the Sullivan County YMCA, brought out a healthy crowd. Starting on Lakewood Avenue, the parade headed west on Broadway to the Stroebele Community Center.

Statement by Trustee Carmen Rue on the 40-Count Felony Indictment of the Village Clerk

See article "Monticello clerk faces 40 count indictment in case of double-dipping" and a copy of the Indictment for public information

October 22, 2009

Our Village Clerk is under felony indictment, accused by a Grand Jury that she "did steal United States Currency from the New York State Office of Court Administration".

2009 Sullivan County Senior Games

Roz Sharoff and the Monticello Seniors did a great job organizing and hosting the 18th Annual Sullivan County Senior Games, a series of competitions that drew seniors from all over the county, began with a kick-off breakfast at Monticello Gaming and Raceway, followed by a short, competitive walk. Contests continued through September 17th, at the Ted Stroebele Recreation Center in Monticello.

A thorough article appears in The Catskill Chronicle.

Restore-NY Grant Promises 70 Jobs In Monticello

I want to thank all the local and State officials who helped the Village of Monticello secure this important economic development grant, particularly the offices of Sen. John Bonacic, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, County Legislators Jonathan Rouis, Alan Sorenson and Ron Hiatt, Town Supervisor Tony Cellini, and all five members of the Village Board of Trustees who supported the submission of this application to the State of New York. [Press Release]


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