Heeding Public Outcry, Village Board Reigns In Management's Push For Tax-And-Spend Profligacy -- Stays Inside Tax Cap

The Village of Monticello Board of Trustees voted unanimously against the manager's recommendation to exceed the Constitutional tax-cap limit. Thanks in part to advance publicity prior to the June 20th meeting, dismayed taxpayers filled the chairs in the boardroom to express concern over out-of-control taxes required by management's excessive spending.

Village taxes will increase less than 1% (.96792%) during 2018, within limits urged by State authorities, thanks to the board's action.

During a break in the June 20th meeting, a red-faced $80,000-a-year village manager launched into a tirade, verbally attacking taxpayers who spoke at the meeting. He also railed against two board members who spoke against his proposal to exceed the tax cap. Downstairs, out of hearing of the public during a brief recess, Sager showed gross disrespect and lack of professionalism, in front of the full board calling one Trustee "a piece of s**t liar" and ordering another Trustee, "Don't you ever f**ing talk to me!"

Sadly, this is the side of Sager's behavior to which employees and taxpayers who are not his favorites are frequently subjected at Village Hall.

On June 20th, Sager announced, on the record, that he will tender his resignation when three board members develop spines and ask for it. Sager also told one speaker that there would be consequences in the next Village election when two current Trustees will be up for re-election. Responding to an audience member who pled with the board not to raise taxes, Sager aggressively retorted that he is a is now a Monticello taxpayer himself (referring to a vacant dwelling that he recently bought in foreclosure).