Update, June 4th Board of Trustees Meeting : Police Air-Conditioner To Be Repaired

wavaudio recording before executive session.

At my request, Police Chief Rob Mir obtained three quotes for repairing the air-conditioner compressor in the police station; two in writing (QWQ HVAC, the low bid); Smalls Plumbing and one last-minute verbal promise from another vendor to provide it in writing, at a higher price, tomorrow.

The air-conditioner has been malfunctioning for over a year. It was never repaired properly. The Mayor/Acting Manager and other Trustees were fully aware of the condition of the unit for all that time, and did nothing about it until an emergency developed this week when hot weather began.

The PBA, Chief, and I worked hard today to persuade board members to vote in favor of humane treatment for police and the public. I endured severe insults from the Mayor/Acting Manager today, in presence of the Chief, in which he blamed everyone but himself for this situation. In the end, even the Mayor himself had no choice but to vote yes. TC Hutchins voted no because the third bid had not been received in writing. James Matthews was absent.

The Chief rightly told the Board of Trustees that we do not need a new air conditioner; but rather repairs to the old one. Funds for the repairs will come from the police department's budget, augmented by promises of some anonymous contributions from the community. Thanks to all who have supported this effort for the benefit of Monticello's finest, and to Chief Rob Mir for his hard work getting the quotes together today.