Good News For Children's Recreation, Accompanied By Misconduct And Mismanagement By The Help

Thank you to the throngs of good people who came out last night and supported the Monticello Gymnastics Program. It was a great pleasure to see such a positive and caring message from the community.

However, false claims by John Barbarite that information and supporting documentation on my website in any way cast the Village in a negative light is a complete lie. The two of them (Barbarite and LeGreci) recklessly and falsely misinformed the public that the Village of Monticello had been negligent for years by allegedly failing to provide proper liability insurance for recreation programs.

My comments on this website, to the press, and in the public meeting, were entirely consistent with my fiduciary responsibility to protect the Village's interests. Barbarite and LeGreci slandered my me and also my husband, who is a private citizen (not an elected official) attempting to blame on others the very acts of negligence and misconduct which they themselves committed by sending false information to the press, opening up the Village of Monticello to "a can of worms" of potential future lawsuits by people who may or may not have filed claims in the past who have now been told by our "managers" that the Village failed to provide proper protection.

By placing the Village in such an untenable position, I had no choice but to vote in favor of spending additional money to for more so-called coverage than the Village has ever required before, or than is needed now, in order to reduce the risk caused by the reckless mismanagement of our employees. According to my research, contacting municipalities all around Sullivan and Orange counties, not one village or town that I called maintains the type of extra medical that Barbarite and LeGreci claim their favorite broker of record allegedly (according to them) says his firm will provide us.

Barbarite's and LeGreci's misconduct in this matter is deserving of dismissal in and of itself.