Speech at Sullivan County Government Center

Thank You by Village Trustee Carmen Rue
Monticello, New York – April 7, 2008

Thank you, Dan Briggs, for swearing us in today. As Danny can tell you, I have been campaigning door-to-door for this election since last June. I covered this entire village. I personally collected more than 100 absentee ballots in this election.

I campaigned loyally for my running-mate as hard as I did for myself. I made sure large numbers of people came to the polls to "vote the bottom line".

A close look at the numbers proves that without my absentees and voters at the machines who came out for me, neither of us would have won. I am so grateful to these many voters for their trust. I also want to thank all the past members of the Village Board, and the former Manager and Attorney, for their service.

I want to thank my husband. He has helped not just me, but also Gordon. Tom wrote our fliers and cards, and made a campaign website called gmanline.com. He never charged anything. When Gordon ran as a Trustee two times before, we were the only ones outside his immediate family who worked on his campaigns.

In 2005, in my kitchen, it was my idea to name the independent line we created the “G-Man Line”. In 2005 and 2006, I collected most of the signatures to put Gordon on the ballot. The Times Herald-Record recently called this ballot line name “brilliant marketing”. So thank you to the Record for that compliment. "Catskill Confidential: G-Man line lures Monticello voters", The Times Herald-Record, Middletown, New York, March 25, 2008.

As all party members know, we create independent lines to let voters who might be confused, or maybe loyal to other parties, vote for us. But Gordon and I won with the Republican Party’s support!

This election, I collected over 200 valid signatures on Independent Nominating Petitions for the “G-Man Line”. My husband got 40 valid Republican signatures – enough for us to be on both lines. Without these petitions, Gordon and I would not have been on any line at all! Check with the Board of Elections to verify these facts. Also, see who came out to vote!

I am so very thankful for the faith and support of the voters who elected me. I am also grateful to some members of the Town of Thompson Republican Committee – especially chairwoman Lori Benjamin. She is always there for me. She helped with legal papers. She helped financially, and many other ways. She is a calm and nice woman, a good listener, full of wisdom, and passionate. Lori deserves much more respect than she gets. I also want to thank Bob and Betty Friedland for their hard work on our campaigns, and many other people, including Alan Kesten who donated my campaign signs and Craig Johnson who served as my campaign Treasurer.

I thank my children. I am proud of all them. Janesa is here today with her father-in-law, Lenny Calone, and our granddaughter Eliana. Our son Eddie Rue is here. Eddie, who is very spiritual, calls this a “blessing-in” ceremony, not a “swearing-in”. Carolina Rue, our daughter, is studying in Florida and has also been supportive.

I promise the voters that I will continue to be the taxpayer watchdog that I have been for years, working for fairness and honesty in Monticello government – against corruption and injustice.

All of you are invited to the reorganizational meeting tonight at 7PM at Village Hall, where Sullivan County Court Judge Burton Ledina, at my request, will administer the Oath of Office, in the traditional time and place that Monticello Village Board members have always been sworn in. Please come.

Thank you to Sullivan County Republican Chairman John LeGreci for setting up this event here today.