Village Manager Changes June 21st Board of Trustees Budget Work Session To 6:00 PM


Despite the fact that the Board of Trustees voted to commence tonight's budget work session a half hour later, the Village Manager announced to the media that it would start at 6:00 PM.

Members of the public interested in hearing department heads' recommendations for the 2010-2011 budget, and responses from the Board of Trustees, are invited to join us on the second floor of Village Hall at 2 Pleasant Street, Monticello, at 6:00 PM this evening.

Management is spending approximately $15,000.00 to seat two ladies physically closer to the part-time Manager, purchasing new furniture, office equipment, and infrastructure changes for no good reason.

My recommendation (since we are paying our part-time Village Manager, Mr. Barbarite, and full-time deputy Manager, Mr. LiGreci, combined salaries and benefits $165,000.00), at least one of them ought to spend the time and energy to walk downstairs or drive out to Kiamesha Lake and Waverly Avenue, once or twice a day if they need to, to monitor productivity, rather than seating nearly all of the Village's female workforce outside the Manager's door.

Essential services will be cut, including vital police overtime. My prediction is there will still be a tax increase due to out-of-control spending on "special counsel" (leaving the Village itself with no corporate Attorney!), and other wasteful and ethically questionable expenditures.

Hemorrhaging legal fees to an out-of-county law firm (who is not our Village Attorney), moving women to sit outside John Barbarite's door would be MUCH better spent on things like an automatic door at the Stroebele Center, making the Senior Citizens' meeting room more accessible to the disabled; increasing (not decreasing) police presence on Broadway; or more and better programs for our youth.

I have one vote out of five. Taxpayers can generally count on at least a couple of board members to vote sensibly, but we need your support. If you care about Monticello, or about tax increases, contact the four other board members and respectfully urge them to spend your money more carefully. Taxpayers should come take a close look at what is happening at happening at Village Hall.

The public is invited to attend.