Village Laws On Use Of The Ted Stroebele Neighborhood Facility On Jefferson Street

Rules And Procedures For Non-Municipal Activities

Village Code § 181-3. Regulations for use of the Village of Monticello Neighborhood Facility Building (NFB).

A. The Village of Monticello Neighborhood Facility Building is village-owned and has been developed to provide nonprofit organizations a comfortable safe place to hold gatherings, and, as such, all applicants must file a written application with the Director of Parks and Recreation in the form required by said director and pay the applicable fee.
B. To accommodate such individuals and groups in a constant manner, the following policies, rules and regulations for renting the available rooms apply:

(1) All applicants must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Village of Monticello as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000.

(2) Applicant and all representatives at the Neighborhood Facility Building shall conduct themselves with proper decorum at all times while on the premises of the Neighborhood Facility Building and shall refrain from any activity that would annoy or offend the public or other social gatherings at the building.

(3) At the termination of applicant's use, the designated area shall be surrendered in the same condition of cleanliness and repair as it was upon commencement of the use, with all trash and other materials resulting from applicant's use removed to designated containers. If any cleaning or damage repair is necessary, the fee will be forfeited. (Separate certified check required.)

(4) The applicant shall comply with all laws and regulations of any governmental body with jurisdiction over the Neighborhood Facility. Applicant shall be solely responsible for obtaining any and all required permits or approvals relating to its use.

(5) All cleaning supplies, such as garbage bags, must be supplied by the renter.

Smoking Policy

Village Code §  71-3(A) - The Village of Monticello shall prominently post the smoking policy on bulletin boards at each facility within village offices, i.e. Administrative (Village Hall), Police Department, Fire Department, Justice Court, Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation (Neighborhood Facility), Sewer Department and Water Department. The village will also provide a written copy, upon request, to employees or prospective employees.

Source: Monticello Village Code on

Contact Village Hall if you have any questions by stopping in at 2 Pleasant Street, or calling the Village Clerk at 845.794.6130.