Village of Monticello Re-Opens Warming Station At Stroebele Center In Response To Frigid Cold

photo of Ted Stroebele Community Center taken in summerAs in past years, the Village of Monticello has once again opened the doors of the Ted Stroebele Community Center to serve anyone in need as a warming station to provide overnight respite from frigid temperatures.

The Sullivan County Federation for the Homeless is currently working with Manager David Sager at the direction of the Board of Trustees. The Monticello Fire Department is providing cots. Local businesses have also made donations, resulting in no cost to the taxpayers.

During extreme temperatures, like in other natural or accidental disasters, the Village Manager is responsible to coordinate for the health and safety of residents.

Last summer, we opened the center to serve as a cooling station after the air-conditioner of a local complex failed, and after a large fire in Kiamesha Lake a year or two ago. In 2012 it served as a local alternative warming station at a time when Sullivan County was busing homeless to Loch Sheldrake for warmth and food provided by the American Red Cross, and again in 2013 (open for four nights, as I recall). This type of service is something local government here in Monticello has historically done for the needy.

It has rarely been big news, nor have there been a lot of people housed except during major shelter operations like the 1992 ice-storm or the Shaker Heights fire (when volunteers from the American Red Cross hosted large numbers at the Neighborhood Facility and high school).

Monticello is the county seat. We work together with other local jurisdictions and organizations in taking the lead for the public's good.

Anyone in need of assistance may call Mr. Sager at 845-701-3493. Spanish/English translation assistance is available.

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